Services and Skills.

At AJW, we support our clients in multiple ways to deliver results they need.

Strategic Business Planning

AJW assists our clients in navigating the unique and dynamic government market, working closely with them to hone strategic and operational goals and tactically position their technologies for success. We establish a deep understanding of our client’s differentiators, processes, people and competition to develop the plan, messaging and roadmap for establishing meaningful market position.

Market and Regulatory Research

AJW helps our clients better understand the business opportunities and risks created by government programs or policies. We provide insight and analysis regarding the political and programmatic developments and trends that influence market conditions. We shed light on customer agencies and their decision-making processes, as well as potential competitors. Clients rely on our work to strengthen their business strategies and policy approaches.


AJW’s expertise-based approach to policy advocacy is the key to our long record of success. We achieve bottom line results for our clients, and that doesn’t happen by simply expanding their network of relationships. We believe that successful advocacy for innovative technologies requires substantive engagement and deep knowledge of the technology, as well as of regulatory and market challenges and how to craft solutions to them.

Policy Development and Analysis

AJW crafts policies and regulations aimed at increasing demand and improving market conditions for our clients. Many laws, policies and regulations now in effect originated with our drafts. Innovative technologies face different market barriers than their competing legacy technologies. Public policy can accelerate adoption of new technologies – but only when they are based on a clear understanding of the challenges facing the innovators.

Business Development

Building on decades of experience and successes, AJW provides a comprehensive suite of business development services for companies seeking to establish or expand their business in government markets. We provide our clients with strategic planning, market analysis, teaming, marketing support and acquisition guidance. Clients rely on our expertise to position for success in advance of government procurement opportunities. AJW also provides on-going technical, implementation and program management support to our clients to assist them with their sustained interactions with existing and new government customers.

Proposal Management and Support

AJW facilitates the development of successful client applications for federal grants, loan guarantees, and other forms of financial assistance, and supports the development of our clients’ responses to complex government solicitations. We provide proposal strategy, development (management, technical writing, pricing strategy/guidance and production), formal proposal reviews, and oral presentation support. Our professionals have decades of experience supporting successful proposals.

Association Management

AJW works to refine and amplify industry voices through the management of national trade associations in diverse clean energy sectors, including mobile and stationary emissions control management, advanced vehicle manufacturing, circular economy, and waste-to-energy.
We help associations navigate the complicated world of government policy to develop thriving markets for innovative technologies and solutions. AJW provides association members with strategic advice, policy development and advocacy that support industry objectives, as well as effective and efficient management of administrative functions.

The Advanced Engine Systems Institute works to create a policy environment that supports innovation in and demand for technologies that reduce pollution from mobile sources. Representing manufacturers of emission control systems, AESI is a leading voice on policies and regulatory standards that impact vehicle efficiency and emissions control technologies.
ICAC is the trusted voice of the emission control industry for stationary sources. For 55 years, ICAC has helped members broaden their business opportunities through actionable market insight and meaningful engagement with policymakers. Looking toward the future, ICAC is developing resources and communications platforms to support the industry on a range of emerging issues including carbon management.
The Energy Recovery Council represents companies and local governments engaged in recovering energy and materials from waste. Waste-to-energy facilities process post-recycled municipal solid waste to generate renewable energy. ERC works with members to educate policymaker and advocate for the use of waste-to-energy in a sustainable solid waste management system.
The Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA) provides solid technical information on emission control technology for motor vehicles. MECA’s members include leading manufacturers of a variety of emission control equipment and efficiency technologies for automobiles, trucks, and buses and off-road vehicles, as well as stationary sources.
The Circular Economy Industries Association (CEIA) supports growth for circular economy technologies, services, and business models through communication strategies and policy outreach and advocacy. It works with policymakers to create a business environment that rewards private sector innovation that moves toward decoupling economic growth from resource consumption.