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Culture, Diversity, & Inclusion

Our Culture

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Working Together to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

As AJW evolves, we are actively cultivating a team that reflects our values of inclusivity and acceptance. Over time, we have attracted a more diverse workforce, including women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We have experienced first-hand how people’s life experiences and diverse backgrounds have added value to our team and our work.

We also know we need to do more.

Our DEIA committee meets regularly to consider ways to attract a broader range of talent by fostering a supportive company culture and implementing a flexible and accommodating hiring process. We examine how to provide equal opportunities within the company for career advancement with competitive pay regardless of background, identification, or physical ability. Our commitment goes beyond mere symbolism; we genuinely aspire to create an inclusive space at the table for all. Our aim is to attract diverse, creative leaders of the future to enrich our team by broadening our perspectives – making us more effective, inspired, and reflective of a rapidly changing world. We are having honest, frank, and sometimes difficult conversations to build a strong, resilient team that will make a difference.

We are also beginning to develop business lines focused on environmental equity, including clean technology deployment opportunities, considering local impacts during project planning, and creating robust community benefits plans. With this heightened awareness and commitment, AJW will continue evolving as an exceptional workplace while supporting our clients’ innovative and ambitious decarbonization goals.

Why we love AJW

Over the course of my 4+ years at AJW, the firm has allowed me to pursue my passion for climate policy while simultaneously helping me grow and succeed in my career. Working alongside the senior leadership has been instrumental in helping me succeed at AJW, identify the areas of climate policy of most interest to me, and provide quality results for clients.

Caelin MacIntoshSenior Policy Analyst

I joined AJW right after graduation, and since the first day, I knew that my ideas are valued here. I am continually impressed by the professionalism and dedication of my co-workers and inspired by the ever-learning environment fostered within the firm.

Jo Thapa, AssociateEnergy Transition

Working at AJW allows me to not only work on policy issues that are important to today’s political conversations, but also to work with clients who are finding groundbreaking ways to support the energy transition. I am lucky to be able to represent companies and organizations whose work is supported in a bipartisan way. The new and innovative technologies AJW advocates for makes my work exciting every day.

Jessica Johnson BennettPartner

As someone with a technical background in clean fuel R&D, I am curious about the impact of policy on bringing these technologies to market and I wanted to learn directly from the experts. AJW’s collaborative working environment requires me to apply my technical knowledge and research process to aid clients in a broad set of projects, while affording me ample opportunity to learn from policy experts who are passionate about clean technology. Everyone at AJW is supportive and dedicated to the professional growth and development of other employees, making this the perfect place to learn and grow while feeling fulfilled about the work that you do.

Andrew KoehlerResearch and Analysis Associate