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Transportation Decarbonization

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transportation decarbonization

Moving Goods and People Toward Net-Zero

To meet our net-zero and other climate, air quality, and health goals, we need to accelerate our transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, decarbonized versions of our current fuels and vehicles.

Our transportation future will have millions of electric vehicles – and low-carbon, renewable fuels that replace our current gasoline and diesel – along with emerging solutions like hydrogen and fuel cells.

We will need to do it all.

Transportation Decarbonization

AJW’s clients are hard at work pursuing options to accelerate our transportation decarbonization at scale, this decade – and to do it in a cost-effective, accessible, and equitable way.

AJW works across the spectrum of transportation stakeholders.

Some examples of our clients include:

  • Startups developing first-ever technologies and approaches
  • Established companies expanding their commitments to low-carbon biofuels or electric vehicles
  • Fleets deploying their decarbonization strategies
  • Environmental and philanthropic organizations advocating for strong policies
  • Industry associations representing the companies leading this transition
  • Investors funding this transition
  • Local governments and stakeholders working to reduce emissions in disadvantaged communities.
  • Companies seeking to decarbonize “hard-to-electrify” applications like marine vessels and aviation

AJW’s team has worked on transportation decarbonization challenges since our inception. Both regulators and the regulated seek out our team’s expertise.

We have crafted and shaped elements of current law and regulations at every level of government – from Congress and federal agencies to state and local governments in California and New York and in the global bodies that oversee international shipping and aviation.

We have secured approvals and certifications for new technologies and have worked with fleets to deploy new fuels and vehicle technologies at scale.

We are proud that our team has helped our clients launch new transportation technology demonstration projects from Boston to Beijing.

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Learn More About AJW’s Transportation Decarbonization Efforts

For more information about what we are doing to accelerate transportation decarbonization, email us at [email protected].

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