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Strategic Advisory

Access is Just the Start.
Now What?

Building on decades of experience and success, AJW provides a comprehensive suite of strategic business development services to position companies for success when establishing or expanding their business. Our expertise is a highly effective and efficient addition to clients seeking to enter or expand their presence in government-influenced markets and government markets.

We provide our clients with:

  • strategic planning
  • market analysis
  • teaming
  • marketing support
  • acquisition guidance

Our work starts with establishing a deep understanding of our client’s unique technologies, differentiators, processes, people, value proposition, and competition to develop the plan, messaging, and roadmap to provide a meaningful position within their target markets.

From there, we work alongside our client to sharpen strategies, strengthen execution, anticipate and overcome barriers, and close any capability or resource gaps.

Twenty years of developing and implementing market strategies for innovators across a spectrum of specialties places AJW in a unique position. Our assessment, research, analysis, and strategy process will enable you to navigate a successful path for success and growth..

How We Advise You

Our Experts

Christopher Hessler

Founding Partner

William Tyndall

Strategic Lead, Energy Transition

Tony Poole