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Clean Fuels

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clean fuels

Progress Toward a
Clean Fuel Economy

Clean fuels – low-carbon, renewable biofuels, sustainable aviation fuels, and others – are an essential component of our transportation decarbonization strategy and are crucial if hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors are to meet net-zero emission targets.

Investments in Clean Fuels are Complex

Investments needed to decarbonize transportation energy are complex and capital intensive.

Market conditions shaped by the intersection of state, federal, and international regulations create challenges for those pursuing opportunity amid myriad risks.

Policy discussions often under-appreciate the reality that fuel investment decisions are made in a global context more often than in response to local market conditions.

Solutions for Clean Fuels on a Global Scale

Our clients are working on solutions to decarbonize transportation and industrial energy while delivering the global scale, optionality, and supply chain resilience necessary for commercial viability.

AJW’s team has worked in and around fuel market policy since the 1990s, when MTBE was a hot topic.

Since then, our team has helped craft and secure numerous provisions in law and regulation to better support stability and growth for clean fuel investments.

Our work has contributed to reductions in sulfur levels in diesel fuel, increased the opportunities for low-carbon ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel, and even helped eliminate lead from gasoline in developing countries.

AJW has Extensive Experience with Clean Fuels Regulations

Members of our team have served as government regulators and on governmental fuel policy advisory panels, and have advised officials in Sacramento, New York, Ottawa, Washington, DC, London, Mexico, China, and beyond.

Others have directly managed clean fuel production, commercial operations, and investment decision-making.

We continue to be retained for our ability to help innovators, fleets, investors, and others develop clear-eyed business plans, and to lead complex policy discussions to strengthen policy drivers for clean fuels and sustainable aviation fuels.

How can we accelerate your success?

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