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Government as a Financial Partner: Unlocking Opportunities

Government funding unleashes opportunities for clean tech innovators. At AJW, our team monitors, identifies, and guides clients through these complex processes to help capture funding.

We have compiled several government announcements into one easy dashboard.

Reach out if you want to discuss how AJW can help you explore these options. Our proposal team has deep experience in navigating successful outcomes.

* Disclaimer: This list includes announcements starting from August 2023. The initial post was made on September 13, 2023.
This round-up is intended as a quick reference for user convenience and may not include all openings available throughout the government. Please visit agencies’ direct websites to access the most current list of open funding opportunities.



Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) and Notices of Intent (NOIs)

PublishedProgram TitleDeadlineSummaryFunding AmountInterest Areas
8/2/2023EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) National GrantsApplication package deadline:
December 1, 2023

  • Incentivizes and accelerates the upgrading or retirement of the nation’s legacy diesel engine fleet.

  • Provides funding for the retrofit or replacement of existing diesel engines, vehicles, and equipment with EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified engine configurations and verified retrofit and idle reduction technologies.
Total funding of $115 million
· $58M FY 2022 funding
· $57M FY 2023 funding
· Expect 4-10 agreements per each of EPA’s ten regions

  • Diesel emissions reductions retrofit

  • Idle reduction

  • Certified engine

  • Equipment

  • Vehicles

8/10/2023DOE Carbon Negative Shot PilotsExpect FOA early 2024

  • Multiple funding opportunities over the next several years, supporting the advancement and maturation of a suite of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies.

  • Anticipate small biomass carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) pilots; small mineralization pilots; multi-pathway CDR testbed facilities; and small marine CDR pilots.

  • Carbon dioxide removal

  • CDR

  • Biomass carbon removal and storage

  • BiCRS

  • Mineralization

  • Testbed

  • Marine

8/18/2023DOE Carbon Management (Round 4)Expect FOA late 2023

  • Supports R&D for several carbon management technologies.

  • Both multi-programmatic and multi-year FOA potentially soliciting work in: carbon conversion; carbon dioxide removal (CDR); point source carbon capture; and carbon transport and storage.

  • Carbon management

  • Carbon conversion

  • Carbon dioxide removal

  • Point source carbon capture

  • Carbon transport

  • Carbon storage

8/23/2023DOE Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling, Transport, and DesignExpect FOA November 2023

  • $35M for research, development, and demonstration of transportation, dismantling, and preprocessing of end-of-life electric drive vehicle batteries for recycling at reduced cost,

  • $2M for recycling of plastic and polymer electric drive vehicle battery accessory components.

  • To reduce battery recycling associated costs and improve safety of transport, dismantling, and recycling to achieve scale-up and profitability.
Approximately $37M

  • Electric vehicles

  • Batteries

  • Recycling

8/25/2023DOE Carbon Dioxide Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation (CIFIA) Program: Future Growth Grants (Section 40304)Anticipate FOA Q1 FY 2024

  • Supports common carrier Carbon Dioxide (CO2) transportation infrastructure projects, including pipelines, rail, ships and barges, and ground shipping that connect anthropogenic point sources of CO2 with endpoints for storage and utilization.

  • Authorized by BIL Section 40304
$500M grant funding

  • Carbon transportation

  • CO2

  • Infrastructure projects

  • Carrier

  • Pipeline

  • Rail

  • Ships

  • Storage and utilization

8/31/2023DOE Bipartisan Infrastructure Law 40207(b) Battery Materials Processing and 40207(c) Battery Manufacturing Grants Round IIAnticipate FOA October 2023

  • To boost the production of advanced batteries and battery materials that are critical to rapidly growing clean energy industries.

  • Includes electric vehicles and energy storage.

  • Part of the IRA

  • Second funding round for battery materials processing and battery manufacturing grants to support the creation of new, retrofitted, and expanded domestic commercial facilities for battery materials, battery components, and cell manufacturing.
  • $3.5B in total funding

  • Approximately 19-42 new awards

  • Batteries

  • Materials

  • Electric vehicles

  • Energy storage

  • Cell manufacturing

  • Components

8/31/2023DOT Fueling Aviation's Sustainable Transition (FAST) Grant ProgramAnticipate NOFO release by December 2023

  • Competitive grant program directed by the Inflation Reduction Act

  • Elements focused on sustainable aviation fuels (FAST-SAF) and low-emission aviation technologies (FAST-Tech)

  • IRA appropriated $300 million for the two programs.
  • Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
9/1/2023USDA Assistance to High Energy Cost CommunitiesApplications deadline October 31, 2023

  • Assists communities with extremely high energy costs to acquire, construct, or improve energy generation, transmission, or distribution facilities where the average annual residential expenditure for home energy exceeds 275% of the national average.

  • Also includes on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects and the implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation projects for eligible communities.
$10M in grant funding

  • High energy costs

  • Generation

  • Transmission

  • Distribution

  • On-grid / off-grid

  • Renewable energy projects

  • Energy efficiency

  • Energy conservation


Requests for Information (RFIs)

PublishedProgram TitleDeadlineSummaryFunding AmountInterest Areas
8/1/2023Meta Investing in Value Chain Emissions Reduction ProjectsMandatory mutual NDA: September 14, 2023
Application deadline: November 10, 2023

  • To directly connect with entities that are positioned to originate, host, and/or support a value chain emissions reduction project or the increased offtake of low-carbon solutions or materials.

  • Up to $5 million per project

  • Focused on the hard-to-abate sectors within which Meta’s value chain partners operate.

  • Interested organizations must complete the NDA intake request to receive the RFI.
Up to $5M per project

  • Trucking

  • Aviation

  • Maritime

  • Cement

  • Concrete

  • Copper

  • Steel

  • Manufacturing

  • Semiconductor

  • Heating and cooling

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Production

  • Green hydrogen

  • Hard-to-abate

8/7/2023DOE Development of Green Shipping Corridors Between the United States and the United KingdomFOA issue undetermined

  • Solicits feedback from maritime stakeholders including ports, shippers, cargo owners, fuel producers, marine terminal operators (MTO), trade organizations, industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, and other stakeholders on issues related to the establishment of green shipping corridors between the U.S. and the UK.

  • Green shipping corridors

  • Cargo

  • Ports

  • Marine

  • Fuel

  • Terminal


Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

PublishedProgram TitleDeadlineSummaryFunding AmountInterest Areas
8/21/2023DOE Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Advanced Processing of Critical Minerals and Materials for Industrial and Manufacturing ApplicationsFull application deadline October 20, 2023

  • To advance the processing of rare earth elements and critical minerals for industrial and manufacturing applications.

  • Two topic areas:
    1. Advanced process development for production of rare earth metals and co-production of critical minerals and materials from coal-based resources

    2. Production of critical minerals and materials excluding rare earth materials from coal-based resources.

  • $30M in funding
  • Approximately 6-7 awards

  • Rare earth elements

  • Critical minerals

  • Industrial

  • Manufacturing

  • Coal

  • Coal-based
8/29/2023DOE Inflation Reduction Act - Transmission Siting and Economic Development ProgramConcept Paper Submission Deadline: 10/31/2023

  • For timely siting and construction of new or upgraded interstate or offshore electric transmission facilities.

  • Provide economic benefits to impacted communities, supporting efforts to standardize and streamline siting and permitting processes, coordinate across jurisdictions.

  • Enable robust public engagement and provide funds to siting authorities or other types of state, local, or Tribal governmental entities to support a wide range of projects that provide benefits targeted to the needs of impacted communities.
  • $300M in total funding
  • $100M for Siting and Permitting (14-40 anticipated awards)
  • $200M for Economic Development (4-40 anticipated awards)
  • Siting

  • Transmission

  • Electricity
8/30/2023DOE Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – Mitigating Emissions from Marginal Conventional WellsApplication due 9/30/2023

  • DOE's NETL partnering with EPA.

  • Funds for eligible States to mitigate methane emissions from marginal conventional wells (MCWs)

  • Provides financial assistance to operators/well owners to voluntarily and permanently plug and abandon MCWs (including elements of environmental restoration required to comply with applicable State or Federal plugging and abandonment standards and regulations) on non-Federal lands.

  • Methane emissions monitoring from MCWs.

$350M in formula grant funding
  • Methane

  • Marginal conventional wells
8/31/2023DOE Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – Domestic Manufacturing Conversion GrantsConcept Paper Submission Deadline: 10/2/2023
Full Application Submission Deadline: 12/7/2023

  • To spur the conversion of long-standing facilities to manufacture electric vehicles and components.

  • Supported by the IRA,

  • Provides cost-shared grants for domestic production of efficient hybrid, plug-in electric hybrid, plug-in electric drive, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

  • Expands manufacturing of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electrified vehicles and components

  • Supports commercial facilities including those for vehicle assembly, component assembly, and related vehicle part manufacturing.

  • $2B in total funding
  • Approximately 9-15 awards

  • Electric vehicles

  • Hybrid

  • Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles

  • Light duty

  • Medium duty

  • Heavy duty

8/31/2023DOE Community Energy Innovation PrizeCollegiate Track: 11/3/2023
Clean Energy Ecosystem Track: 2/2/2024
Manufacturing Ecosystem Track: 2/2/2024

  • Awards cash prizes and mentorship opportunities to organizations supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, capacity building, and economic development in communities historically underrepresented in climate and energy technology funding.

  • Eligible competitors will develop and carry out activities related to clean energy that promote business and technology incubation and acceleration along with other community-based capacity building, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

$7.5M in funding
  • Clean energy

  • Manufacturing
9/6/2023BIL 41003c Critical Material Innovation, Efficiency, and AlternativesApplication deadline November 10, 2023

  • Develops domestic supply chains for critical minerals and materials (CMM) by creating paths and strategies to commercialize processes that utilize domestic resources. These activities can include extraction, separation, processing, refining, alloying, or recycling technologies but should focus on decreasing environmental emissions, reducing resource usage or intensity, and/or optimizing cost.

  • Includes five areas of interest, including CMM supply chain, value added products, next generation technologies, alternative materials, and alternative products.
  • $150M in funding
  • Approximately 30 awards
  • Critical materials

  • CMM

  • Domestic resources

  • Extraction

  • Separation

  • Processing

  • Refining

  • Alloying

  • Recycling
9/6/2023DOE Innovative Technologies to Eliminate Flaring from Oil and Natural Gas ProductionApplication deadline November 27, 2023

  • Solicits cost-shared research proposals for pilot-scale field deployment and validation of efficient, cost-effective solutions ready for pre-commercialization that can eliminate flaring and non-safety related venting of natural gas at the well site.

  • Accelerates development of technologies that improve efficiency of upstream natural gas and oil processing and separation operations using novel approaches that would support the evolving regulatory landscape to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of flares at the wellhead through gas processing and/or conversion to other sustainable chemicals and low-carbon marketable products.

  • Up to $30M in funding
  • Up to 3 expected awards

  • Flare

  • Venting

  • Natural gas

  • Upstream

  • Oil

  • Processing

  • Separation

  • Wellhead

  • Sustainable chemical

  • Low-carbon marketable products

  • Methane


Other Opportunities

PublishedProgram TitleDeadlineSummaryFunding AmountInterest Areas
8/31/2023DOE Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan ProgramN/A

  • LPO accepting and encouraging eligible applications under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program for automotive manufacturing conversion projects that retain high-quality jobs in communities that currently host manufacturing facilities.

  • Through ATVM, LPO supports manufacturing facilities for eligible vehicles or qualifying components, including projects to build new facilities; reequip, modernize, or expand existing facilities; and/or for engineering integration performed in the United States related to the manufacturing of eligible vehicles or components.

$10B in loans
  • Loan

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Vehicles

  • Automotive
8/31/2023DOE Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Technology Commercialization Fund Voucher ProgramApplication closes on September 26, 2023

  • DOE’s Voucher Program connects U.S. entrepreneurs, businesses, technology developers, local governments, and other partners with third-party voucher providers to advance demonstration and commercialization of innovative energy technologies.

  • Voucher Opportunity 1: Pre-Demonstration Commercialization Support (OCED/EERE)

  • Voucher Opportunity 2: Performance Validation, Modeling, and Certification Support (OCED/EERE)

  • Voucher Opportunity 3: Clean Energy Demonstration Project Siting/Permitting Support (OCED/EERE)

  • Voucher Opportunity 4: Commercialization Support (EERE)

  • Voucher Opportunity 5: Commercialization Support (FECM)

  • $30M in total voucher funding

  • Awards range from $50K to $250K
  • Demonstration

  • Commercialization

  • Energy technologies