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About Us

Meet our Team

Our team has worked with and advised Presidents, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and other federal agencies. We have also worked with Governors, Mayors, Legislators, and the entities overseeing air regulation, energy, and utilities in California, New York, and other states.

AJW partners have long experience in their specific areas of expertise, and networks of relationships throughout government developed over decades.

We are expert business strategists, policy advocates, technical experts, proposal and project managers, volume leads, technical writers, and communications professionals who work closely with client counterparts to develop compelling responses to government funding opportunities and policies and regulations that ensure compliance as well as effective solutions.

We work alongside our clients, adding our expertise in support of theirs, ensuring effectiveness at all levels from vision, mission, and planning to the most technical details important to growth.

Enhancing opportunities for innovators since 2003

Our Leadership

Haley Armstrong

Senior Advisor, Energy Transition

Jessica Johnson Bennett


Richard W. Corey


Christopher Hessler

Founding Partner

Rich Kassel


Ted Michaels


Tony Poole


Mary Solecki


Loretta Smerchansky

Director of Operations

William Tyndall

Strategic Lead, Energy Transition

Our Team

Rasto Brezny

Executive Director, MECA

Madison Carroll

Senior Project Director

Caitlin Clark

Policy Strategy Associate

Jordan Flanagan

Programs & Policy Associate

Michael Geller

Deputy Director, MECA

Matthew James


Thomas Jay

Senior Associate, Document Security

Kathy Kiely

Communications Director

Andrew Koehler

Research & Analysis Associate

Melanie Law


Marsha Lindquist

Senior Associate

Caelin MacIntosh

Senior Policy Analyst

Chris Miller

Senior Counsel

Mary Olson

Senior Associate

Raschel Pena

Executive Assistant

Tomás Rojas Rodríguez

Senior Associate

Clare Schulzki

Executive Director, ICAC

Anna Schutt


Jake Smerchansky

Communications Manager

Jamie Song

Environmental Protection Specialist, MECA

Ethan Spira


Genesis Tang

Senior Advisor, Energy & Climate Policy

Jo Thapa

Associate, Energy Transition

Madelyn Wiseman


What’s in a Name?

Founding Partner, Chris Hessler, shares the inspiring story behind the name of the firm:

Our Name Defines Innovation and Opportunity

We take our name from a man whose vision, integrity, hard work, and grasp of the promise of new technology continue to inspire each of us every day – my grandfather, Albert Joseph Weathers.

Albert “Ebb” Joseph Weathers was born with the American century in 1900. His parents had immigrated from Ireland, and lived in Lima, Pennsylvania, in a small house which did not yet have indoor plumbing.

Ebb was still a teenager and had not driven a car before he founded Weathers Dodge, one of the first Dodge dealerships in the country. He dedicated himself to treating people honestly and offering top quality service. Living these values brought success to their dealership, and spectacular customer loyalty, too.

Weathers Dodge had plenty of both to sustain the business through three generations. The dealership stood on the same spot from its opening day in 1916 until its closing in 2009.

We are proud to carry on the legacy of commitment, opportunity, and innovation in everything we do at today’s AJW.