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Jake Smerchansky

Communications Manager

Communications Materials
Digital Platforms
Graphic Design
Virtual Event Management
Website Maintenance

About Jake

Jake supports AJW by enhancing print or digital materials to best reflect our clients’ missions. He uses his creative design skills for presentations, infographics, fact sheets, invitations, memos, white papers, and more. Jake ensures our clients’ objectives are reflected in materials that are as visually engaging as they are informative. He also contributes to AJW’s website and social media.

While he works across the spectrum of AJW’s clients, he also leads the communications efforts of the Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC), a trade association managed by AJW. Jake oversees ICAC’s various newsletters, webinars, social media, and website updates.

Prior to his work at AJW, Jake gained experience shadowing a Communications Director and worked as a writer for a nonprofit organization. Outside of work, Jake can be found at the movies or hunched over a sketchbook, which in turn informs the creative work that he does at AJW.

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Professional Experience

Communications Associate, K2 Creative Services
Writer, Downtown Community Development Corporation


B.A., Media and Professional Communications, University of Pittsburgh