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Thomas Jay

Senior Associate, Document Security

Document Security
Security Inks and Substrates
Overt and Covert Security Features
Digital Identity Security
Document Forensics
Market Analysis & Business Development
Government Acquisition

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About Thomas

Thomas Jay is an expert in document and brand protection, counterfeit deterrent features and security printing, and brings more than twenty-five years’ experience to AJW. Tom supports leading companies in conducting market analysis and developing/implementing business development strategies to secure government contracts and funding.

As Vice President Sales & Business Development at SICPA, the trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions, Tom spent 26 years managing SICPA’s North American document and brand protection security ink businesses. Tom’s extensive network of government and industry relationships nurtured during his time at SICPA have made him a valuable resource to the trade. He excels at building relationships into creative partnerships.

Tom has presented to numerous government agencies and trade associations on the importance of adding printed security to value documents and brand protection applications. He has led initiatives to integrate physical and digital technologies.

Tom is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of graphic arts, from design, conventional and security print processes and post-printing security applications. For 19 years he was an instructor on security inks and print technologies at RIT’s Forensic Document Examiners Workshop, Security Print Technology Workshop, and Understanding Brand Protection Security Technologies Workshop.

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Professional Experience

Vice President, Sales & Business Development, SICPA Securink Corporation


B.S., Photographic Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology