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Clare Schulzki

Executive Director, ICAC

Decarbonization Technologies
Clean Air Regulations and Issues
Carbon Emissions Measurement and Pollution Controls
Association Management
Strategic Communication
Government Relations
Industry Advocacy

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About Clare

Clare Schulzki is the Executive Director for the Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC), a trade association managed by AJW. She oversees the operations of the association and finds ways to maximize the reach of ICAC to benefit its members’ business objectives. Clare identifies and tracks important developments in legislation, regulation, and the market, and organizes government agency interaction to create an informed environment for optimal regulatory and marketplace outcomes for all.

Clare has worked on environmental, energy, and health and safety policy for more than 15 years. Clare has worked to affect legislation and regulation at the federal level for various trade associations including those representing the scrap recycling industry, large industrial users of electricity and natural gas, and manufacturers of advanced ceramics. She has also represented trade associations and companies at the state and local levels.

While representing the scrap recycling industry, Clare lobbied to enact the Superfund Recycling Equity Act of 1999. The passage of this law provided the scrap recycling industry with a valid defense to Superfund liability, provided companies could demonstrate they took certain steps before shipping recyclable material to a consuming facility.

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Professional Experience

Director of Federal and State Policy, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Lobbyist, N.J. Chamber of Commerce


B.A., History and Political Science, Rutgers University