Who We Are and What We Do

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Our job is to help our clients build their businesses by resolving the challenges to growth that can come with public policy and regulation. We analyze the connections between policy and industry to reveal new business opportunities – and what needs to move or change in order to bring them to fruition. Then we get down to the business of making those moves and changes a reality.

Our vision is a wide-open future for superior innovative technologies — and the business that have taken risks to bring them to the world.

Our clients are innovators, and we help them connect to and work with the government departments, people, and processes most important to developing their markets.

Our approach combines a deep understanding of a client’s industry and their strategic planning, as well as the market barriers they face, with an equally deep understanding of the policies and regulations that can impede or create new opportunities.

We analyze regulatory risks and opportunities for avenues to expand market demand for advanced technology solutions. We then work to affect the public policy and regulation process to support our clients’ strategic business planning goals.

Our team brings broad and deep experience and expertise to every case we take on. Each team member has substantive knowledge in their field and well-honed strategic and problem-solving skills to go along with the strong professional relationships they’ve developed over many years working with elected, appointed, and career government officials at every level.

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