Chris Hessler Presents on Policy Risk and Tech Innovation at the Scaling Up Conference in Ottawa

Policy risk, the extent to which government policies impact the market value of products and technologies, affects how the private sector invests in innovation. At the Scaling Up Conference in mid-November, AJW founding partner Chris Hessler discusses policy risk's different facets and implications.  Who should assume market risk? How do market actors react to signals of regulatory

AJW Presentation on LCFS Credit Price

February 23, 2016 - AJW, Inc. Partner Christopher Hessler today gave a presentation to the Clean, Low-Carbon Fuels Summit in Sacramento warning of the coming political attacks on California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard.  The presentation may be downloaded below. Download: AJW Presentation on LCFS Credit Price (7 pages; 0.3 MB)  

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Deployment of Iogen’s Advanced Biofuel Technology Is on Track

February 27, 2015 - Iogen’s technology for processing agricultural residues and other biomass into fuel was selected by Raizen as the platform from which to build a fleet of next-generation biofuel production facilities. Raizen is Brazil’s leading – and the world’s 5th largest – biofuel producer. Raizen termed the Iogen technology as the “most advanced” available. Iogen