Our Story

AJW Inc. Story

AJW was created to help private sector clients utilize government policy to expand market demand for their advanced energy and environmental solutions.  Our market, regulatory, legislative, and analytical capabilities are a unique combination in a Washington DC consulting firm.  We use substantive and technical expertise to inform our advocacy and lobbying activities.  We achieve bottom line results for our clients by combining a deep understanding of a client’s business, the market challenges they face, and the government policies that can be used to create new market opportunities.

AJW’s approach is designed to help clients overcome the challenges of building a business in commercial or government markets. We have grown steadily in the diversity of our service offerings, expertise, and experience. Now in our second decade, AJW supports strategic business planning and implementation activities for technology leaders in the fields of document security, energy, environment, homeland security, payment technologies and transportation.

Too often, innovative technologies are unable to gain widespread market adoption despite being superior to market incumbents. Government policies that favor legacy technologies at the expense of innovation can be a critical market barrier. At AJW, we believe in the power of the free market, and we work to level the playing field for the innovators.

Looking ahead, we see a future of bright promise for technology innovators, and we stand ready to ensure that our clients profit from the risks they have taken to become leaders in their fields.