Project Description

Rasto Brezny

Rasto Brezny

Executive Director, MECA

Air Pollution and Health, Emission Controls, Particulate Matter and Black Carbon, Communications

Rasto has worked in the automotive industry in the area of emissions controls for over 30 years, focusing on technology in areas such as substrates, catalysts and engineering.

He brings to AJW extensive experience within the automotive industry in product development and marketing.

Rasto holds 16 patents and has authored over 35 scientific papers. He is the Executive Director of the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association.

• Air Pollution and Health
• Mobile Source Emission Control Technology
• Particulate Matter and Black Carbon

• Deputy Director, Manufacturers of Emission Control Association
• Global Marketing and Technology Manager, W R Grace Davison Catalysts • Research Engineer, Dow Chemical

• Ph.D. Ceramic Engineering, Penn State University
• B.S. Ceramic Engineering, Ohio State University

• EPA Mobile Source Technical Review Subcommittee of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee
• UN Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles
• Member of National Biodiesel Board technical advisory committee for biodiesel impurity
specification program
• OEM SCR stakeholder group and American Petroleum Institute - DEF technical steering
• CARB Truck and Bus Regulation Advisory Committee
• South Coast Air Quality Management District Scientific Review Committee

• Characterization of Real-Time Particle Emissions from a Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle Equipped with a Catalyzed Gasoline Particulate Filter During Filter Regeneration, Emission Control Science and Technology, Feb. 5, 2016
• “Effect of Drive Cycle and Gasoline Particulate Filter on the Size and Morphology of Soot Particles Emitted from A Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle” Sept. 4, 2015