AJW is a public policy and business development consulting firm with in-depth government expertise focused on enhancing opportunities and removing barriers for innovative technologies. When competing against legacy technologies, innovators need every edge they can get. We understand these challenges and offer a suite of services tailored to support our clients as they compete to increase market demand for their innovations.

  • Advocacy

    Our team has an established record of success, and more than a century of combined legislative and regulatory experience. To achieve bottom line results for our client, we don’t stop at simply expanding their network of relationships. Successful advocacy for new technologies requires substantive engagement and deep knowledge of the relevant technology, and market challenges. AJW’s approach to advocacy delivers results – not flashy friendships.

  • Business Development

    AJW provides a comprehensive suite of business development services for companies seeking to establish or expand their business in government markets. Clients rely on our expertise to position for success in advance of government procurement opportunities. With experience rooted in decades of success, we provide our clients with strategic planning, market analysis, teaming, marketing support and procurement guidance. AJW also provides on-going technical and marketing support to our clients to assist them with their sustained interactions with existing and potential government customers.

  • Policy Development

    Innovative technologies face different market barriers than those faced by legacy technologies.  Public policy can accelerate adoption of new technologies, but only when policies are rooted in a clear understanding of the challenges facing the innovators.  AJW matches technology innovation with policy innovation.  We have crafted policies and regulations now in law that improve market conditions and increase demand for our client’s technologies. 


  • Proposal Support

    AJW supports the development of our clients’ responses to complex government solicitations and facilitates the development of successful client applications for federal grants, loan guarantees, and other forms of financial assistance. We provide proposal strategy, development (management, technical writing, pricing guidance and production), formal proposal reviews, and oral presentation support. Our professionals — from proposal managers, volume leads, technical writers, pricing experts and desktop publishers — have decades of experience supporting successful proposals.

  • Strategy & Market Research

    Successful business strategies are built on a clear understanding of market opportunity.  AJW helps our clients define opportunities and risks created by government programs or policies.  We provide insight and analysis regarding policies, political and programmatic developments and trends, market conditions, customer agencies and their decision making processes, and potential competitors.

  • Innovations