Our People

At AJW, our people are our most valuable resource. They bring the experience, expertise, and relationships that leads us to results.

AJW partners have long experience in their specific areas of expertise, and networks of relationships throughout government developed over decades. The team’s combination of knowledge of their clients’ technologies, businesses and markets with their own expertise in advocacy, policy, regulation, legislation and strategic communication is unsurpassed.

AJW team members are alumni of federal defense and civilian agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Justice, and Treasury. We’ve served as senior program managers to senior executives and have agency-specific expertise in the development and implementation of business development strategies and government business capture plans. We are expert proposal managers, volume leads, technical writers and desktop publishers who work closely with client counterparts to develop compelling responses to government policies and regulations that ensure compliance as well as effective solutions.

We work alongside our clients, adding our expertise in support of theirs, to ensure effectiveness at all levels from vision, mission, and planning all the way through to the most technical details important to growth.