Our People

At AJW, our peo­ple are our most valu­able resource. They bring the expe­ri­ence, exper­tise, and rela­tion­ships that leads us to results.

AJW part­ners have long expe­ri­ence in their spe­cif­ic areas of exper­tise, and net­works of rela­tion­ships through­out gov­ern­ment devel­oped over decades. The team’s com­bi­na­tion of knowl­edge of their clients’ tech­nolo­gies, busi­ness­es and mar­kets with their own exper­tise in advo­ca­cy, pol­i­cy, reg­u­la­tion, leg­is­la­tion and strate­gic com­mu­ni­ca­tion is unsurpassed.

AJW team mem­bers are alum­ni of fed­er­al defense and civil­ian agen­cies includ­ing the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency and the Depart­ments of Defense, Ener­gy, Home­land Secu­ri­ty, Jus­tice, and Trea­sury. We’ve served as senior pro­gram man­agers to senior exec­u­tives and have agency-spe­cif­ic exper­tise in the devel­op­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of busi­ness devel­op­ment strate­gies and gov­ern­ment busi­ness cap­ture plans. We are expert pro­pos­al man­agers, vol­ume leads, tech­ni­cal writ­ers and desk­top pub­lish­ers who work close­ly with client coun­ter­parts to devel­op com­pelling respons­es to gov­ern­ment poli­cies and reg­u­la­tions that ensure com­pli­ance as well as effec­tive solutions.

We work along­side our clients, adding our exper­tise in sup­port of theirs, to ensure effec­tive­ness at all lev­els from vision, mis­sion, and plan­ning all the way through to the most tech­ni­cal details impor­tant to growth.



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Jamie Song

Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Spe­cial­ist (MECA)