Expertise and Experience.

At AJW, we bring an extensive network of resources to support our clients in a wide range of initiatives.


In a field dominated by traditional technologies, AJW works to craft laws and regulations that help potentially game-changing innovations enter the market. New solutions are critical to maintaining sustainable growth and ensuring a more secure economic and energy future, but they can’t do any of that if they can’t find early support and eventually make their way into wide application. Our team has extensive expertise in promoting policies that drive investment in innovative technologies in most segments of the energy field – power, transportation fuels, efficiency, storage, infrastructure, security, and more.

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AJW believes in building consensus on difficult yet critically important issues. We support our clients to carefully navigate the policies and politics associated with environmental issues to find solutions and create the conditions that allow businesses to thrive. We help clients with innovative environmental technologies remove market barriers to enhance deployment and increase market penetration.

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Document Security

Because the security of the nation’s most sensitive financial and identification information is critically important, AJW works to support the development and integration of sophisticated technologies to secure high- value government documents of all kinds. We bring in-depth experience with emerging and established advanced technologies to fight counterfeiting; enhance production of currency and banknotes; protect passports and other forms of government ID and credentials; and integrate technologies into new and existing secure documents.

AJW is proud to be a member of the Document Security Alliance, actively working in support of DSA’s mission to identify methods of improving security documents and related procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts.

Homeland Security

Much of our work deals with securing our nation’s critical infrastructure while advancing the services provided by our government that protect our citizens. With a focus on immigration, border control, and identity issues, AJW’s team has comprehensive experience working with the Department of Homeland Security and key agencies including Customs and Border Protection and US Citizenship and Immigration Services. We help our clients to introduce new technologies and advanced processes to support the operations of these key government organizations.

Payment Technologies

Payment technologies are rapidly proliferating, and governments must keep up with the changing landscape in financial transactions. AJW’s team supports the introduction and launching of our clients’ dynamic new payment technologies in the government market— driving innovation on proprietary and legacy infrastructures, reducing operational bottlenecks, and bridging the people, process, technology gaps that may currently exist within government organizations