AJW releases report for PA policymakers: “The Investment Case for Energy Efficiency”

The report, prepared on behalf of the Third Party-Delivered Energy Efficiency Coalition, highlights energy efficiency’s contribution to PA’s clean energy economy.  Featuring case studies of energy savings projects made possible through smart state energy policies such as the PA Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, the report provides policy recommendations to enhance energy efficiency’s growth trajectory in

AJW Releases TPDEE Coalition Comments on CPP FIP

January 21, 2016 - AJW, Inc. today released comments by the Third-Party Delivered Energy Efficiency Coalition on EPA's Proposed Federal Plan and Model Trading Rules to implement the Clean Power Plan.  The comments, filed during the public comment process, offer recommendations that would address the dis-equilibrium in treatment of energy of energy efficiency in a

AJW Releases White Paper on CPP Mass-Based Allocation Approach

December 10, 2015 - AJW, Inc. today released a white paper entitled "Simplifying Energy Efficiency for States."   As proposed, the mass-based approach in the Clean Power Plan (CPP) creates a dis-equilibrium in the treatment of energy efficiency as compared with a rate-based approach. The absence of a mechanism for directly crediting energy efficiency projects in a mass-based

AJW Welcomes Michael Goo

October 7, 2015 -- AJW is pleased to announce Michael Goo has joined our firm as a Partner. Michael brings a wealth of experience in the energy and environmental field to AJW. His extensive government career spans both chambers of Congress and high level executive branch appointments at both the EPA and the Department of