Strategy & Market Research


AJW helps our clients better understand the business opportunities and risks created by government programs or policies. We provide insight and analysis regarding the political and programmatic developments and trends that influence market conditions.  We shed light on customer agencies and their decision-making processes, as well as potential competitors. Clients rely on our work to strengthen their business strategies and policy approaches.

Examples of our work and the work of our principals include:

    • For several high profile clients, AJW has worked closely with their senior management team to ensure that business plans and strategies are developed with a full understanding of the market opportunities and limitations created by existing government policy.
    • Members of the AJW team have conducted multiple in-depth research efforts on government opportunities, profiling the customer agency, influencers, and competition while designing a plan for approaching the government to tell our client’s story and gather key information about the program in advance of procurement actions. This research has proven invaluable in positioning our clients for success as they pursue government opportunities.
    • For a capital investment firm, AJW assessed the impact of pending and proposed federal legislative and regulatory actions on market demand for various energy and environmental technologies.