Our Name Means Innovation and Opportunity

We take our name from a man whose vision, integrity, hard work, and grasp of the promise of new technology continue to inspire each of us every day: Albert Joseph Weathers, the grandfather of founding partner Christopher Hessler.

Albert “Ebb” Joseph Weathers was born with the American century in 1900. His parents had immigrated from Ireland, and lived in Lima, Pennsylvania, in a small house which did not yet have indoor plumbing.

Ebb was still a teenager and had never even driven a car before when he founded Weathers Dodge, one of the first Dodge dealerships in the country. He and his brother dedicated themselves to treating people honestly and offering top quality service. Living these values brought success to the Weathers brothers and their dealership, and spectacular customer loyalty, too. Weathers Dodge had plenty of both to sustain the business through three generations. The dealership stood on the same spot from its opening day in 1916 until its closing in 2009.

We are proud to carry on the legacy of commitment, opportunity and innovation in everything we do at today’s AJW.

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