AJW Welcomes Michael Goo

October 7, 2015 -- AJW is pleased to announce Michael Goo has joined our firm as a Partner. Michael brings a wealth of experience in the energy and environmental field to AJW. His extensive government career spans both chambers of Congress and high level executive branch appointments at both the EPA and the Department of

AJW is Pleased to Announce Ida Shiang

June 29, 2015 - AJW, Inc. is delighted to have Ida Shiang join the firm as Senior Associate.  With a background in communications, marketing, and public policy, Ida posesses a unique blend of creativity and analytical capability, which will serve AJW's clients incredibly well. Ida's work at AJW covers many energy and environmental issues, with a

Mona Sheth Joins AJW

May 4, 2015 - AJW, Inc. is pleased to announce Mona Sheth has joined our firm as Senior Associate.  Mona is experienced in a diverse array of issues, including energy, environmental, and financial services. In addition to serving as an advocate on Capitol Hill, she has assisted in the management of large environmental and energy coalitions

Energy Efficiency Worth Registering For

April 27, 2015 - Efficiency is a lofty ambition.  Doing more for less is attractive to many, not least athletes, economists, automotive engineers, resource managers, and more.  Energy efficiency is a wonderfully instinctive cost-cutting activity for electricity consumers, and the Clean Power Plan is making it a very attractive activity for policymakers, especially state air

Deployment of Iogen’s Advanced Biofuel Technology Is on Track

February 27, 2015 - Iogen’s technology for processing agricultural residues and other biomass into fuel was selected by Raizen as the platform from which to build a fleet of next-generation biofuel production facilities. Raizen is Brazil’s leading – and the world’s 5th largest – biofuel producer. Raizen termed the Iogen technology as the “most advanced” available. Iogen

Fostering Industrial Energy Efficiency through EPA’s Clean Power Plan

December 1, 2014 - A group of organizations and companies today released a report entitled, "Securing Greenhouse Gas Reductions through Private-Sector Industrial Energy Efficiency under EPA's Clean Power Plan." The paper discusses the role of the industrial sector in producing energy savings and GHG reductions through private-sector delivered energy efficiency. It describes EPA and state actions needed for private-sector delivered