Document Security


The security of our nation’s most sensitive financial and identification documents is paramount. AJW supports the development of sophisticated anti-counterfeit technologies to secure high value government documents as well as advanced technologies to enhance the production of currency, passports, and other forms of government identification. AJW has in-depth expertise with established and emerging technologies such as advanced counterfeit deterrents, banknote printing and production, secure credentials and the integration of technologies into existing and new secure documents.

Our team has decades of experience with the introduction of new technologies (paper and other substrates, security inks, overt, semi covert and covert security features) and processes (printing, lamination, and production) for secure documents such as currency, passports, visas and other travel documents, and identification cards.

DSALogo_Color_hires-300x198AJW is proud to be a member of the Document Security Alliance – we actively work in support of DSA’s mission to identify methods of improving security documents and related procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts.