Our substantive approach to advocacy is the reason for our long record of successful policy advocacy. To achieve bottom line results for our client, we do more than simply expand their network of relationships.  We believe that successful advocacy for innovative technologies requires substantive engagement and deep knowledge of the technology, regulatory and market challenges. AJW’s approach to advocacy delivers results – not flashy friendships.

Examples of our work and the work of our principals include:

    • AJW successfully lobbied to have waste-to-energy technologies recognized as a renewable, lower-climate energy source in renewable electricity tax laws, as well as major proposals on cap-and-trade legislation and renewable energy standards.
    • For an energy services company, AJW helped to secure the extension of a program to execute energy savings measures at federal facilities. In addition, AJW secured enactment of legislation that removed barriers preventing the Defense Department and other agencies from efficiently and effectively securing energy savings from private companies.
    • Jointly with a trade association representing advanced technology companies, AJW developed a report for policy makers quantifying the environmental benefits of advanced technologies as compared to conventional technologies they could replace.